Beneficiary Ballot 2017

Winner will be announced at 4p on November 18, 2017 at Carrera Wine Gallery.

Act 4 The Nations comes alongside Women, locally and worldwide,  in difficult situations, such as: those recovering from divorce, sexual  exploitation, those in crises, hopeless by disappointment and gripped by misfortunes. Offering strategic support i.e. One to One Mentoring  and DAWN  - Divorce Aftercare programs. Additionally,  providing education and life skills, that result in  women rising above their circumstance to not only survive but to be an overcomer,  empowering them to help others!

Investing in Kids.  Five Learning Years (FLY) a program at Investing in Kids (INK) is a literacy intervention program that works with students in pre-kindergarten and kindergarten at Title 1 schools in St. Johns County. FLY uses the Nemours BrightStart Early Literacy intervention curriculum and has had exemplary results, primarily because each style of learning is addressed in every lesson. BrightStart is also an excellent detector of dyslexia. FLY hires primarily retired teachers to do the intervention in small groups of four. On average, students in pre-kindergarten improve 45% over a 6 month period and kindergartners improve over 150% on letter name and sound recognition screenings. It is FLY's goal to help every student in St. Johns County that requires our support and expand to all of the Title 1 kindergartens. Although our pre-kindergarten intervention is at all Title 1 schools, we are not able to help all of the students who require assistance, due to limited funding. Our kindergarten intervention is only at 3 of the 6 Title 1 schools. Kindergarten is our last opportunity to reach these students. A grant of $2700 would support a tutor for 6 months, working twice a week with up to 25 students. Your funds would allow 25 additional students to get the help they require and ensure they are ready for school.

Life Services, a sanctity of human life organization, believes "Life" is from conception.This transforming work transcends religious denominations, and encourages partnership and sharing of resources. Through this partnership, individuals are restored to sexual purity, fathers take their rightful places in the home, and parents are enabled to guide children to sexual purity and to honor human life. We provide our clients, free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, counseling and parenting classes. 

Kids Bridge. Our mission is to provide a community-based setting where children and families can meet, spend time, share common experiences and work together to strengthen their sense of self and family unity. Advocating on behalf of all children, we work to engage community resources in support of children at risk of abuse, neglect, and abandonment.